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The ISTM business model for global projects involves working with major energy developers, including integrators as well national utility companies, to facilitate the transition(s) of uneconomical and/or unecological power plants and electrical infrastructure(s). ISTM can help move existing power plant(s) off utility balance sheets by structuring a low-cost mix of government and corporate bonds, along with shareholders equity and offers significant opportunities for establishing community and regional resilience.

The initiatives in Africa were funded by the Regions of Climate Action and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation while the New Mexico project is the first of its kind.


There are currently seven projects on-going and in Stage 2 of 5 stages: one in Angola, three in Benin, one in Malawi and two in Zambia.

Clovis, New Mexico

This is the first housing community based on solar energy and includes 30 homes, each with its own greenhouse. With the pandemic, proximity-based food production is even more important. Controlled agriculture greenhouse and smart grid design are end-to-end and part of the future of our living.