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Integrated Solar Technologies & Manufacturing has developed a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform and coupled it with the most advanced Concentrated Solar Module (CSM) specifically for rural and off-grid electrification. This innovation is positioned to replace diesel generators and grid-powered electricity and can provide electricity, thermal heating (or cooling) and broadband connectivity to enable smart distributed mini-grids and shared solar.


ISTM has solved the three most challenging elements standing in the way of sustainable development in rural areas of the world:


1. Reliable, cost-effective electricity

2. Thermal integration

3. Affordable broadband connectivity


The convergence of three utilities into one disruptive product will catapult low-income economies and enable them to leapfrog from grid-based electricity into micro-grids autonomous power.


More Efficient Thermal Energy

The technology designed and developed by ISTM is on target to generate approximately 40% more than traditional solar panels as it soaks up the sun’s rays all day long with a significantly smaller footprint.



ISTM is commercializing proprietary renewable energy technology developed at Carnegie Mellon University, where the first innovation “Alpha” model was completed. After joining the Santa Fe Business Incubator, ISTM was granted a state innovation voucher.

ISTM believes New Mexico is the perfect place to deploy the type of technology the company is bringing to the market. With New Mexico’s expansive renewable energy, radiant sun and immense human capital, this became an obvious location to both test and manufacture our proprietary solar technology.


This website is dedicated to the memory of Luke Spangenburg (pictured far right), a great mentor and friend who died unexpectedly on September 5, 2020.

Luke served as the director of the Biofuels Center of Excellence at the Santa Fe Community College since its inception in 2012. He was a nationally recognized and respected leader in algae and biofuels, and known for his creative, cutting-edge collaborations with educational development programs. Luke led this internationally-recognized educational program and helped launch and validate countless integrated biosolution companies that exist today because of his steadfast dedication, diverse connections and willingness to embrace innovation. He was the anchor of the biofuels industry in New Mexico, a friend to many and he will be forever missed.